Your Book of Positive Aspects Part I

You are upon the brink of magnificent, deliberate creating. You have been the creators of your experience from the day that you emerged into this body. now you will be the deliberate creators of your experience. Trust that which comes forth from within you.

If you will buy a new notebook, and call it your Book of Positive Aspects, and spend 10 minutes each day writing positive aspects about your home, your body, your work, your relationships…if you will wake up every morning acknowledging that you have re-emerged into the physical, and that today you will look for reasons to feel good…and if you will pay attention to the way that you are feeling, and utilise the process of pivoting*… it is our absolute promise to you, that – within 30 days – you will see such a dramatic turn of events in you life experience, that you will not believe that you are the same person.

Connect with your pure, positive Inner Being, and use the power of that connection, and save yourself many hours a week of “hard work”, for you are spending the majority of your action compensating for inappropriate thought. When your thought is in sync with that which comes forth from within, doors will open – and everything that is action-orientated will be smooth-flowing and easy for you.

We are exhilarated as we interact with you, for we acknowledge the power within you. And, most importantly, we acknowledge the purity of the wanting that comes forth from you. Friends, you have done enough wanting to keep you busy for 20 life times. Now, all that is necessary in order for you to live all of those wonderful things that you are wanting, is to relax into your wellness. The teenagers say, “chill out”, “lighten up”. And we agree. Remember: Relax into health – resist not illness. Relax into joy – resist not pain. Relax into abundance – resist not poverty. Relax into goodness – resist not evil. Relax into feeling good – resist not feeling bad.

Abraham 9/28/1991

* Pivot – to consciously change the direction of one’s thought. To deliberately chose a thought that is in vibrational harmony with ones’ desire.

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