Where Does a Tree Come From?

Suppose someone showed you the seed of an oak tree – and acorn.

Then they showed you a photo of a large, mature oak tree.

Then they asked, “where did all that tree come from?”

What would your answer be?

If you answered “the ground”, think about it.

It came from the air…

All that tree came from carbon dioxide – CO2.

Don’t take my word for it.

Google it.


Jeremiah Josey

An Interesting Conversation with a Christian

I had a very interesting conversation with a Christian today.

The opening question was: “what is your religion?”

English was not their first language so I typed most of my answers on the screen in front of them (we were sitting at my desk).  Simple short sentences.

“What is your religion?”

  • My own personal religion
  • There is more to it
  • God is considered a proper noun but not the case
  • god is a verb
  • Bob is a proper noun
  • Mountain is a noun
  • Tree is a noun
  • Eat is a verb
  • Run is a verb
  • Meditate is a verb
  • without god we are nothing – and god is a verb
  • Jesus was with god
  • Jesus was showing us how to be with god
  • god is a verb
  • believe in yourself
  • we all need a mentor

Jeremiah Josey