An Interesting Conversation with a Christian

I had a very interesting conversation with a Christian today.

The opening question was: “what is your religion?”

English was not their first language so I typed most of my answers on the screen in front of them (we were sitting at my desk).  Simple short sentences.

“What is your religion?”

  • My own personal religion
  • There is more to it
  • God is considered a proper noun but not the case
  • god is a verb
  • Bob is a proper noun
  • Mountain is a noun
  • Tree is a noun
  • Eat is a verb
  • Run is a verb
  • Meditate is a verb
  • without god we are nothing – and god is a verb
  • Jesus was with god
  • Jesus was showing us how to be with god
  • god is a verb
  • believe in yourself
  • we all need a mentor

Jeremiah Josey


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