Social Profit, Money and Butterflies

Here’s an enlightening 1/2 hour audio visual that is well worth watching.

It’s a discussion between Lynne Twist and Deepak Chopra on “Social Profit”, money and butterflies.

Lynne Twist is a San Francisco based social activist who besides raising many hundred of million of dollars for social issues, in particular the Hunger Project, eloquently describes the present state of humanity, and together with Deepak discuss the caterpillar and its transition to a butterfly, and the similarities with today’s’ societies.

The caterpillar voraciously consumes all food in it’s path, in an unconscious automated state, oblivious to the amount that is available – it just eats. That is until the imagines cells inside the caterpillar form in large enough numbers and conglomerate, and a switch occurs. All other cells then become the nutritive soup that feed the imagines cells, and the transformation occurs: from caterpillar to butterfly. Is that where we are now: ravenous caterpillars’ approaching a new phase of development. Lynn and Deepak describe this quite well. (As does this link here: Butterfly Effect)

It’s a pretty good analogy.

And Deepak’s closing remarks: the genetic code responsible for the wings of the butterfly is the same gene code for the beating of the human heart.


Here’s the video:

Keep in mind these important facts:
God is a verb not a noun, and there are two states for creation: asking and allowing.

Jeremiah Josey


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