Chicken Soup?

90% Chickens pair up for the mating season, i.e. choosing only one sexual partner.

50% of them split after the mating season (and go on to form other relationships the following season). The other 50% remain with the same sexual partner for successive seasons.

Humans have similar figures: 90% of people choose to have one sexual partner at a time (90% of us marry). Our divorce rate is 50%.

We are animals after all, but chickens?!!

Another interesting information about chickens:

The “pecking order” commences immediately the chickens hatch and is complete by 4 weeks. The order is then set for the rest of their lives. The strongest rooster never gets pecked; the weakest male and the weakest female are pecked constantly (with the weakest of the weak often perishing as a result).

See any similarities?

Is this where things like “Ethnic cleansing” come from?

And then consider, some of the strongest brightest minds who are living and have lived amongst us have issues that wouldn’t put them near the top of the pecking order if they were in a chicken coop: Stephen Hawkins has motor neuron disease, Richard Branson is dyslexic, Carl Sagan died prematurely from illness.

Do we have a fundamental “animal instinct” driving us one way to the “pecking order”, and another, creative expansive desire pushing us another?

I think so, but we’ll need to cross the road to find out!

Jeremiah Josey


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