Avoid Working with an A-H!

This is a great blog I came across recently by Guy Kiyosaki. I’ve posted a little bit of it below. You can find the entire post here:

…Mean-spirited morons are still running much of the workplace, and it’s time to take a stand. Most nastiness is directed by superiors to subordinates; so before taking a job, do your homework and screen them out in advance. (After all, avoidance is the easier than curing.)

To do this, I propose that you check your prospective boss’s references just like she’s checking out yours. I’m not suggesting that you ask your prospective boss for a list of references (you can try, but it may mean you don’t get the job).

Instead, do a LinkedIn reference check. First, look her up to determine if you have any common connections. If so, find out more from people you trust. Second, use the LinkedIn reference check tool to find people who overlapped with her in the past…

Read the whole post here: Guy’s No Asshole blog post.

Linkedin.com in a great tool for business. You can see my profile by clicking here: My Profile

Jeremiah Josey


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