The New World Order

Catchy title?  It’s sure to attract attention.

I’m just about finished a great book called the “Assent of Money” by Niall Ferguson.  An excellent read if you want to understand how the financial system works – including your credit card, your home mortgage and your pension – if you have one.

It’s a history of money, how it works, what it means and really what it is! He paints a very straight forward explanation for why the current shifting in economic power is from the west (in particular the USA) to the East (in particular China).

He also identifies key fractures in the current financial system (particularly credit default swaps – a notional USD 62 trillion worth presently in the market – that’s 78 times the size of the TARP bail out package released last year by the Obama government, and about the same as the entire World’s production, our GDP)

The origins of the financial system, in one place.  No such book exists previously to this book.

4,000 years of the What and Why and When and How and Where and Who on money.

Don’t miss it!

Watch the video (where did they get that music?!!  I remember that music from the games on the Commodore 64 from the early 80’s!!)

Here’s more of Niall speaking on the net: Niall Videos

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