Drop the facade, cut to the chase…

My wife and I wandered into the new 360 mall here in Kuwait today, as you do in Kuwait – visit malls.  The 360 mall is a very beautiful place, pleasant surroundings with lots of water features and plants and pretty shops with pretty people.  It’s a pretty place to be.  We wandered into the cinema area and found that Michael Moore had released a new film: Capitalism, A Love Story.  So we went in to see it.

Yet again Michael has done an excellent job pushing, poking and assembling a whole host of stories circulating the recent collapse of the western finance system (yes it was a collapse: the government bailouts just reset the counters, pushing repayment of the collapse onto future generations for decades to come).

A strong secondary theme running through the movie is that of the democratic workplace.  The juxtaposition is very nice.

I totally recommend a veiwing or three.

BTW, “Dead Peasants Insurance” : want to feel like a real commodity with your employer? Dig around at your work and if you find such a thing exists then send details to Mike Myers.

Jeremiah Josey



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