What is “business”

Once you have decided that you want to do business and you have what you think is a customer, then a business is 4 steps:

1) Find out what they want
2) Go and get it
3) Give it to them
4) Make a profit from doing 1, 2 and 3

If you are doing this yourself, it’s not a business, it’s a job – you just have many bosses. And you are probably very busy. ;o)

Many folk are like this, but don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with it at all. Just be clear about what you are doing all the work for that’s all.

If you have a system (website, robots, people/employees) then you have a business.

How to test if you have one or the other? Firstly you’ll know. You’ll just know. If you’re not sure, or you want to be really reminded of it… then leave for 6 months. Go to the other side of the world. Stay out of contact with it. If the business does better then when you where there, do something else! You have a business.

The rest is detail.

Jeremiah Josey


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