EU and IMF will spend $40 billion to bail out Greece. What is your opinion on this issue?

From Linkedin Discussion: All The Global Leaders in the European Developed Markets

My comment:

They are just extending the credit on their “credit card”, and using future tax income (from salaries) to pay for it. This drives the wrong habits – fixing inhuman balance sheets and ignoring the human element. It drives the ‘need’ to work, and not the ‘want’ to work. Quality of life will fall, ‘happiness’ measures will decline. This is evident across the world already.

The fundamentals of the system has to change and a bail out does not address them.

The measures I propose are drastic but effective: 1) eliminate personal income tax and use taxes on companies to provide for the infrastructure that we require; 2) Train our children to work collaboratively rather than competitively – demolish the military styled education system, which is more than 100 years old;, 3) drive democratic work environments.

I discuss these topics here on my blog:

Jeremiah Josey


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