Food, Inc. A review of the documentary – recommended

What a great documentary. Not just because of the story (eat food in the USA? Yuck), but also because of the great positive, do something message at the end.

Let’s start with that message:

“You can vote to change the system… three times a day

Buy from companies that treat… workers… animals … and the environment .. with respect

When you go to the supermarket
* Choose foods that are in season
* Buy foods that are organic
* Know what’s in your food

The average meal travels 1,500 miles from the farm to the supermarket.
* Buy foods that are grown locally
* Shop at farmers markets
* Plant a garden (even a small one)

Cook a meal with your family … and eat together

Everyone has a right to healthy food.

Make sure your farmers market takes food stamps

Ask your school board to provide healthy school lunches

You can change the world with every bite…”

More on the background of the film:

The US food system has effectively become a inorganic, inhumane, industrialized machine for delivering as much salt, fat and sugar to consumers as possible, while keeping it all soooo secret: it puts people in jail for speaking out against it…(I couldn’t write these words if I were in 13 states of the USA, like Florida, Colorado and Texas!!

Amazingly complex and technical, the industrial food system does things like wash meat with highly toxic substances to kill the people killing bugs that got there because the cows are fed government subsidized corn… ??? and grow super fat chickens that can hardly walk because they are too fat for their legs (I’m happy for my small Kuwaiti chickens now!!)

Did you know that:
*There are a few hundred deaths each year from eating hamburgers in the USA… Bet you didn’t think that eating a hamburger could kill you that quick!!
*A third of Americans born after 2000 will suffer from early onset diabetes, brought on by high sugar and refined food intake…
*Monsanto “owns” the soyabean in the US, and farmers trying to collect seeds to replant are sued
* The average American consumes 200 pounds – 90 kg – of meat every year

We are what we eat.,_Inc.

Jeremiah Josey


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