No need to be afraid of a tax on carbon

Love it, love it, love it!

Before the Australian election climate change was relegated to a distant nowhere in the election work up of each major party.  Now it’s topic to swing a government of some 20 odd million people.

Here’s a speech by someone who has a very REAL concern for climate change: Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed (average country height above sea level 1.5 meters – 5 feet) .  Mohamed states his country’s commitment to being carbon neutral by 2020. He’s not doing it to make a difference – they simple won’t – Maldives contributes 250,000 MT of CO2 per year, Australia produces 100,000,000 MT, the USA 1,600,000,000 MT (See here for the data)  – the Maldives  won’t even make a dent.

They are doing to make a point: that giving up is not an option.

And with a little bit of politicking and “power” mongering, maybe Australia will commit to the same goal too??


Fingers crossed.

Jeremiah Josey


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