Burqa Woman

I’m sitting at Arrivals with my regulation Starbucks semi- daily black brew. No sugar.  Grande.  I’m waiting.  All nationalities are arriving.  It’s busy.  I’m observing. Looking. Staring.

A couple emerge.  Business or married I can’t tell.  Either way it’s not nice.  Man and woman.  Perhaps Swiss or German from their looks.  Something like that.  He’s 6’1″, dark blue suit, flat shoes, black soft leather brief case.  Right hand.  He’s walking fast, but comfortable.  He’s fit. Head is up.  Looking where he’s going.  He’s been here before.

Behind him, she’s 5’7″, 4″ heels.  Fit too, but not set up.  Blond pony tail, the almost-stiletto heels, tight grey skirt and matching business jacket, small hand bag.  Scurrying.  She’s clutching a wad of files in her left arm.  Brochures or something. Hand bag under the right.  She’s done this before, maybe not here before but somewhere before.  Many times.  She’s 2 meters behind him, head down, trying to keep up. She speeds up to get closer.  He subconsciously does the same to maintain the regulation distance.  “Don’t come close”. It’s cold.  She’s too good for him.  He knows it. She doesn’t.

Out comes a Kuwaiti couple. He’s in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. Sunglasses.  Trim.  Average height and build.  He has control of the porter with their luggage who’s walking off to the his right side.  Slightly behind.  He’s looking around in front, scouting, keeping an eye on the surroundings, their luggage. Their envelope is safe.  Behind but definitely together with him walks a very upright, much taller figure.  His wife. She’s in full burqa.  Fully covered.  A slit through the niqab.  I can see her eyes looking straight ahead.  Not flinching. Not wavering. Confident.  The burqa flows gracefully to the floor. She’s very proud. You can tell how she holds herself, how she moves.  She glides along as if on air.  I can’t see her feet because the burqa reaches and envelops the floor around her.

They move as a unit, husband and wife.  Even the porter and their luggage is involved.  The man is on guard for her woman.  The woman knows it.

It’s beautiful.

We in the “West” can learn a lot from these examples.

I am enjoying my lessons.


Jeremiah Josey


11 thoughts on “Burqa Woman

  1. Interesting observations! The “Burka couple” scene is not unusual. What’s unusual, however, is that they were a “unit”. Usually, the woman covered up walks behind the man NOT by him. She also might have been his sister or a close relative?

  2. It is what I see. And I don’t agree with Shaden. What I see is they together, walking side by side or a little behind, cos she was watching some stores. lol
    But the Islamic women, in general, are self-confident and know their value.

  3. Thank you so much. It’s amazing to read from others who ‘get it’

    As an American revert to Islam I am proud of my burqa and our men for treating us like the princesses we are. It took becoming a Muslim for this ex-feminist to ‘get it.’

    Again. Thank you.


    • Why make any distinction between the relationship between man and woman? The ultimate essence is for each to fulfill their own divine masculine and feminine energetic by dancing together as one, maintaining their identities. This has been lost in the West for many millenia. Very few understand it.

  4. I am reading this article for the 2nd time, and the first time was about 1 year ago…it has effected my posatively as I dont keep that much of distant while I walk with my wife 🙂

    Thanks JJ

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