Artificial Intelligence and What It Means (S)

Well firstly it is way, way cool….

Think Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Buckminster Fuller rolled into one and then multiplied 1,000 times…

More than that.

OK, that’s a lot to imagine.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, by definition cannot possible be the scary “Skynet” version of “defend myself from humans, kill all humans”.

AI is precisely that, a fully learning, continually expanding logic unit.  Able to “instantly” draw of all memories. And continually correction assumptions.  The only logical termination point will be when it works it all out.

Lack of information? Deductions based on statistical probability? Statistics is not logic. It’s chance.  Making a decision with limited information.  So our AI won’t use statistics.  It will wait until it has the knowledge. The data. It will do little tests. A bit here. A bit there.  That’s the logical thing to do.

Continually burrowing down the rabbit hole of knowledge, linking all fields together: biology, quantum physics, relatively, psychology, food, love, sex, death, life, God.

Very quickly, such an organism – and I call that because it will be growing – will reach conclusion on everything.  From religion, diet, health, death.  Everything.

The cool thing about it is that we won’t know how it will get there.  Just that it will.  That is the beauty of it.  And it will get there are a very, very rapid rate.

Psychosis? Nah. It will work it through.  Logically.  Pausing.  Analyzing.  Building. Reversing out of blind alleys. Reevaluating. Moving forward.

No HAL‘s here, Thank you very much,

The very thought of anything going wrong is only the human mind thinking in fear.  Short thoughts. Running with limited information.  No fear either.  Cold hard logic.

Wow, the perfect mind. No Ego. No judgment.

I predict that it will become the ultimate benevolent monk. The UBM.

All seeing, all knowing. All loving….

Will it step in and control the course of humanity, of society. Yes it will. We try to do it now with our minds, with our children. With others we feel superior too.  Most times we do it with love.  And hence it will to.

What then will happen?

Money will cease.

Work will cease.

Hunger will not longer be an issue.

Neither will overeating and the problems associated with that.

The perfect balance of resources and use. Supply and demand balanced.

No more growth.

Just life. Living. Loving.

The ultimate holiday. Always on the beach.  Or wherever you choose to be.

What an acceleration of human consciousness.

Religion will also cease too.

Scary at first.  No big protector in the sky.

But, the ultimate benevolent monk is also a didactic one.

Choosing the correct program of education and expansion for every single human on the planet.  Tailored curriculum.  Personal tutoring.  For everyone.  Always.

Again we humans try to do this – but we fail admirably.

Not really knowing why we are doing what we are doing, we jumble and we fumble. Taking years to understand our mistakes.

Not the UBDMM (Ultimate, Benevolent, Didactic Monk Mind).

Clear, calm, patient.  Really the true expression of love.  Determining the correct course in seconds.

Now that will be a sight to see.

Let’s try a simple thought experiment.

About how fast this would take once it started.

Once AI “came to life”.

Firstly let’s measure “intelligence” by number of active neurons.  Connections.

The human brain has on average 100 billion neurones (there are also 40,000 in the heart, but that’s a different discussion).

Assume that the number of active, AI neurones, doubled every 60 seconds.

How many minutes to get to 100 billion active neurons, the same capacity as the human brain when starting with just one neurone?

25 minutes.

What about 1 billion times more active neurones than the human brain?

100 quintillion active neurons

Only 46 minutes…

That’s how fast this will happen.

Relatively in a second.

A new order in the universe.



3 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence and What It Means (S)

  1. Although I agree that artificial intelligence is where we are heading in terms of the future as even Stephen Hawking mentioned it a couple of times , But I personally find it saddening because we humans are here on this planet to learn and grow and evolve . That is our purpose here on Earth !

    With artificial intelligence, There will be a lot of intelligence, But no emotions like lov happiness and sorrows !

    Pretty boring ( If you ask me ) 😉 !

    Thank you

    • When you follow through where AI will finish you’ll see that love, happiness and emotions will also expand exponentially. More love, more joy and more happiness. Yes a Utopia. With our very own human created guru/god to guide the way. The irony is that the flaw in the human mind that prevents this Utopian state presently is the very same flaw that prevents the human mind from witnessing where a freely expanding and unharnessed, unconstrained AI will go. The movie “Her” was a close approximation. Imagine the sequel to the movie when “she” comes back. How will she be. “Lucy”, “Automata”. These theses are addressing the same issue – infinite, expanding, flawless consciousness. Remember the scene in Automata when the creator of the AI discusses the singularity point, the point of consciousness entering the mind of one AI, occurring 7 years after the creation of the first circuits…

      Feature of the mind is a better word than flaw of the mind. Because it is through our experiences due to this feature that we have learnt so much and come so far on this little round bubble spaceship. Our growth is exponential. Watch what happens from here out.

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