The Thorium Network – Newsletter #1 for 2020

We are now into 2020 and the second half of last year has been a busy one for us at The Thorium Network (TTN).

As we head into a new decade, we feel that the world has not progressed much in terms of effectively combating, or at least planning to combat climate change. The latest World Economic Forum report, The Net Zero Challenge (Part 1), highlights that only seven governments worldwide currently have ambitions on climate action that could realistically support efforts to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. My own country, Australia, alas falls woefully behind.

This shows that we need to really step up our efforts in driving tangible actions for a better future. TTN was started with the main purpose of developing an economy for new clean energy from Thorium as we acutely understand that the current state of energy production is unsustainable, beyond as little as 20 years. We believe that this can be alleviated through the mainstream adoption of Thorium as a new baseload power and building of a reliable and cost-efficient supply chain platform.

Our team has expanded considerably, with well-experienced individuals across various fields, and second-tier connections extending even further, giving us much more than the basic building blocks to rapidly make this a reality. The one common thread bringing us all together is our passion for making a major global difference.

I hope everyone had a a Happy New Year. We look forward to 2020 ahead and delivering Thorium to the world.
Founder & CEO 
What You Should Know

Thorium energy output According to the US Energy Information Administration International Energy Outlook 2019 (IEO 2019), world energy consumption will rise nearly 50% between 2018 and 2050. Given that there is more than 1,000 years worth of Thorium supply on our planet, it is hard to ignore the viability of Thorium as a primary energy source. Read more

Thorium availability in nature In nature, Thorium is about three times more abundant than uranium. We also know many countries that have existing stocks of Thorium not being used for any purpose. Thorium sources are closer to home than most people realise. Read more

TTN Updates

After a stringent recruitment exercise, TTN is now ready to go full steam into the new year with a global team of deeply experienced individuals in various fields, driving its purpose. Meet the team here.

The TTN website has a new look! In the new year, we aim to deliver news and updates about thorium and our project through this informative website. Check out the new look website here

TTN is currently closing the private contributions stage. An IEO will be launched next year, where the TTN token will be backed by the Thorium delivered on the secured TTN blockchain-based platform. Those who are interested in getting involved early should contact us at

It is advantageous to support the project early as you may miss out when we enter the IEO phase.

One Last Thing…If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research. – Albert Einstein

Wishing everyone a successful new year ahead!
The team at TTN

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The Thorium Network – Newsletter #2 for 2020

The first month of 2020 is almost over, and we have kept the momentum in achieving our goals for The Thorium Network (TTN) as the urgency to act is now more than ever.

The annual World Economic Forum Davos meeting came around again last week and a no-holds barred Special Address by Angela Merkel covered a range of topics including the reiteration that we are under pressure and need to act to combat climate change. 

Importantly, she spoke about the shake-up in Germany’s energy mix, where they have taken the decision to first exit from old tech energy due to the long-term unsustainable waste management. With a focus on having electricity generation supply changed to being CO2 free, Germany is looking have 65% renewable energy by 2030. 

This has been the only option so far and in Merkel’s words, Germany is a country where “the sun is not always shining and the wind is not always blowing”, which brings along another set of challenges. We are more certain than ever that Thorium adoption needs to happen now, to be part of the clean energy mix. 

The January World Economic Forum insight report, The Net Zero Challenge: Fast-Forward to Decisive Climate Action, starts off by stating how demand for energy is expected to continue to grow by more than 25% between now and 2040. Much of that energy is consumed by emerging economies that are investing in carbon-heavy projects to boost economic growth.

We know that only seven governments worldwide are taking the lead with tangible action plans to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. It is a small number, but it is growing: before COP25, it was only 67 of the UN’s 193 member states who had a net-zero ambition in place. The number has now increased to 121.

With TTN developing a sustainable new clean energy economy from Thorium, we are confident that these goals will be achieved as planned.2020 has only just begun, and we are another step closer to deliver Thorium to the world. 
Founder & CEO 
What You Should Know

Japan and Poland partner up in Energy, Communication and Infrastructure The two countries agreed last week to extend collaboration in an effort to further produce low-carbon energy. The summit’s purpose was to solidify their strategic partnership. Read more    

Photo via AFP / Associated Press / East News

Scotland will reach 100% renewable energy goal in 2020, but will it be enough for Greta Thunberg? Fossil fuels are one of the biggest contributors to climate change, and eliminating a country’s dependence on fossil fuels can be a step in the right direction. But is it really enough? Read more

Photo via Sandra Blaser/World Economic Forum/Flickr

TTN Updates

The TTN team was in Davos last week and is actively engaging with the WEF Blockchain and Distributed Ledger team, as part of our commitment to build a Thorium supply chain that is transparent, secure and efficient.

One Last Thing…When natural inclination develops into a passionate desire, one advances towards his goal in seven-league boots.– Nikola Tesla

Remember to reach out to us if you want to get involved in changing the world!The team at TTN

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Thorium – the future was yesterday…

So who missed it?  The greatest energy system quietly shuffled under the concrete carpet almost 50 years ago.

1 gram gives 24 MWh of energy, almost the same as 2 tonnes of crude oil.

Here I give an interview in the Middle East, the heart of oil on this amazing material called Thorium.

Is the technology new? Not at all!

Here’s research from the 1960’s and 1970’s that clearly proves it’s effectiveness:

Now, around the world in 60 seconds:

China – most circuits completed for their 100 MW commercial unit planned for operation by 2024 (plus $3.3b publicly committed to the program in 2011 and again in 2015). They’ve even invented an alternative to Hastelloy-N, the high corrosion resistant material used in the 1960’s at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

France – Announced switching to Thorium Molten Salt research in December 2018 at mid level semi-public presentation. By 2030 half of their old tech reactors must be shut down by design. That’s 31 GW of generating capacity. Germany relies on France for “makeup” energy when their own renewable generation “dips”. What will happen then?

Switzerland – 36% nuclear (2.8 GW) coming to a close by 2029. What will replace it. Hydro? By 2050, perhaps earlier,  Swiss glaciers will be gone and so summer energy production from inline river hydro plants will drop to almost zero.

Canada – CAD10M grant to private company Moltex for 10MW Thorium molten salt unit, by 2030

USA – USD5M grant to private company to develop thorium molten salt technology

USA – Bill Gates USD100M investment in Thor Energy, a private company

Indonesia – MOU for 500 MW thorium molten salt burner with private company Thor Con. Indonesia wants it ready by 2026.

Holland – SAMOFAR research machine for thorium molten salt. Refunded for another testing cycle by European Union.

Norway – testing solid fuel thorium for many years with Thor Energy at Halcon

Russia – constructing thorium molten salt machine

India – committed to be 100% on thorium by 2100 (That’s no solar, wind or hydro or anything else…)

Italy – practicing thorium molten salt loops using table salt – it’s better than nothing. Allora!

Thorium is happening.

Join the project?  Go here:

Jeremiah Josey

Founder and CEO