Thorium – the future was yesterday…

So who missed it?  The greatest energy system quietly shuffled under the concrete carpet almost 50 years ago.

1 gram gives 24 MWh of energy, almost the same as 2 tonnes of crude oil.

Here I give an interview in the Middle East, the heart of oil on this amazing material called Thorium.

Is the technology new? Not at all!

Here’s research from the 1960’s and 1970’s that clearly proves it’s effectiveness:

Now, around the world in 60 seconds:

China – most circuits completed for their 100 MW commercial unit planned for operation by 2024 (plus $3.3b publicly committed to the program in 2011 and again in 2015). They’ve even invented an alternative to Hastelloy-N, the high corrosion resistant material used in the 1960’s at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

France – Announced switching to Thorium Molten Salt research in December 2018 at mid level semi-public presentation. By 2030 half of their old tech reactors must be shut down by design. That’s 31 GW of generating capacity. Germany relies on France for “makeup” energy when their own renewable generation “dips”. What will happen then?

Switzerland – 36% nuclear (2.8 GW) coming to a close by 2029. What will replace it. Hydro? By 2050, perhaps earlier,  Swiss glaciers will be gone and so summer energy production from inline river hydro plants will drop to almost zero.

Canada – CAD10M grant to private company Moltex for 10MW Thorium molten salt unit, by 2030

USA – USD5M grant to private company to develop thorium molten salt technology

USA – Bill Gates USD100M investment in Thor Energy, a private company

Indonesia – MOU for 500 MW thorium molten salt burner with private company Thor Con. Indonesia wants it ready by 2026.

Holland – SAMOFAR research machine for thorium molten salt. Refunded for another testing cycle by European Union.

Norway – testing solid fuel thorium for many years with Thor Energy at Halcon

Russia – constructing thorium molten salt machine

India – committed to be 100% on thorium by 2100 (That’s no solar, wind or hydro or anything else…)

Italy – practicing thorium molten salt loops using table salt – it’s better than nothing. Allora!

Thorium is happening.

Join the project?  Go here:

Jeremiah Josey

Founder and CEO


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