Having an Agenda – to build something (s)

Welcome to the physical world!! Getting more physical means we want to get together with others and build something.

And that means meeting.

And that means: Agenda!

Agenda = what we want to talk about.

Each person has the power to contribute. Each person has their agenda.

As easy as saying what you want a group to discuss is perhaps the single most powerful force that any human has to contribute in any social group.

In ANY culture!

Once a person gets their own group talking about what that person wants, then that person has power.

Power to change, power to improve, power to guide that group. Power for anything they want.

Just by contributing.

(Did you know that most social media activity is from an active 0.1% or less of the audience. 1% can be moved to contribute in only simple ways (like pressing “like” in very rare cases). The rest: they just watch. That means in 1,000 people, only 1 will be active).

Do you know why? Fear.

And what is the number one killer of any business? Fear.

The same!

Ahhh, a clue!

Business success = doing what most others (99.9%) won’t do = be engaged! Move aside your fear.


Get engaged.

In a business setting Robert Kiyosaki has a good summary for any broad business agenda (and just use it – always copy when you can, and improve, improvise in time):

  1. Mission
  2. Team
  3. Leadership
  4. Cash flow
  5. Communications
  6. Systems
  7. Legal
  8. Product

So getting each one of these 8 items “handled” is my typical agenda.

What is yours?

Starting out 2015 with an Ode to Unity

New Earth

Today, tomorrow or the next, we will collectively look with our hearts, our minds will be idle. Connecting our third eye through to infinite intelligence, tethering our mind to the guidance of the earth bound resonance we all share from our bodies made from mud, made of this Earth.

This would then become the discussion and preoccupation of the mind: how to improve this connection, this growth, our expansion. This would be the passage for humanity, our quest, our “salvation”.

Then what a vision and a vista will be before us. Then, instant balance would ensue, at all levels, all relationships between all humans, all areas.Jeremiah Josey




Ha! The stronger the mind, the more challenging the quest.

Only when the mind lowers it’s ever vigilant guard, and allows the heart’s soft utterances through to be felt and amplified by this wondrous body we each possess.

Then through all, and as one. Instant balance. Instant full potential expansive life for all species on this but a tiny speck of space dust. A speck of diamond, but a spec no less.

Our minds are brilliant tools. Connect that brilliance to the brilliance of our bodies and soar!

It is all within reach.Smily Earth All inside each of us.

Tether the mind. Release our potential.

Have a happy, happy 2015!

Earth Hands

Appear crazy, but not be crazy

We drive ourselves crazy when we try to comprehend things beyond our comprehension, trying to make them fit into our own existing paradigm.  That’s being rigid.  Avoid this crazy.  Stretch your own paradigm until it breaks, then you can grab a new one. Then crazy is what you may appear to be, yet you know you are not ;o)

Like this quote from Ernest

Become Superior by Ernest Hemingway

Become Superior by Ernest Hemingway

Jeremiah Josey

Advice from Richard Branson: give your employees freedom

By Jack Preston of Virgin

Richard Branson

You won’t come across many people who have never had a boss. The thought of not having someone to answer to at work is a peculiar one for most people, however for Richard Branson it’s a natural state of affairs.”Having always worked for myself, I’ve never had to play by anyone else’s rules, and I wouldn’t want to. This attitude has shaped my approach to management since Virgin’s early days, when I decided to grant our employees many of the same freedoms that I enjoy,” wrote the Virgin Group Founder in a recent entrepreneur.com blog.

Without a rule book to adhere to or a rigid company policy to bear in mind, Branson and his Virgin staff have managed to shake up countless industries over the years. A company defined by a ‘Screw it, let’s do it’ attitude towards tough decisions, Virgin has seen its refreshing outlook pay dividends and win the faith of consumers.

“Today the Virgin Group is made up of dozens of companies headed by CEOs and managers who have the freedom to run their businesses as they see fit. This philosophy goes against the usual rules of business and may seem unmanageable, but it has turned out to be one of the keys to our success,” explained Branson. Who went on to highlight how this played out for one of the Virgin Group’s newest companies in 2012.

“Our newest business, the global touring company Virgin Live, had a great launch for this reason. Although the Virgin brand is well respected within the music industry given our roots we had no history of promoting global tours. However, our small, enthusiastic team at Virgin Live beat competition from giants within the industry and won the right to promote The Rolling Stones’ 50 & Counting series of shows. This was a very proud moment for us: If you are going to enter this business, there really isn’t a bigger or better way to show your intentions.

“Before their show at London’s O2 Arena, I caught up with Mick Jagger to have a word and take a few photos with him and my family. After we were chatting he jokingly asked me if I was going to disappear, because ‘That’s what all the other promoters do.’ I had no intention of doing so. ‘I’ll be seeing you down the front,’ I told him.

“My family and I watched the show standing in front of our seats near the stage. It was a fantastic night – they put on a marvelous show. Why anyone would have passed up the opportunity to see it is beyond me. I thought later that Mick’s question showed why we had won the contract: Our employees love what they do and throw themselves into the work, so they achieve much more than anyone would expect.”

Men want freedom, women want security. Give it to them, and life is easy.

Jeremiah Josey

The Climb Takes Effort

Focus, concentration, endeavour, planning. All of these things are needed to reach any height, obtain any position different to where you are currently.

Realize that anyone who has anything in this life has obtained it through some effort of some kind. Even in supreme creation, what I call creating from a purely meditative state, takes training, discipline and attention to obtain the necessary state of mind.

Everyone has put in some form of effort somewhere, and where they are is defined by the effort they contributed.  This is a good reminder.

Those at the Top

Those at the Top

Jeremiah Josey

Brilliant, and Ancient Technology

This is the famous 12 sided stone in Hatum Rumiyoc Street, Cusco, Peru.  It is 1,000’s of years old, carved with a technology long forgotten by man, and is in fact lost to modern science.  We do not know how it was done, and we do not know who did it.  It wasn’t the Incas. There is simply nothing in their technology capable of achieving it.

The stone is carved from diorite which is a very hard, very rare, igneous rock.  These days we cut it with diamond.

Why are there 12 sides? It’s elementary my dear Watson: the most efficient and most conservative means to cut a stone is to remove as little material as possible, just make some flat surfaces so you can get a good seal with other rocks (there is not filler or mortar used in this wall).  This is only possible if the means by which you cut the rock is so easy, is so simple, that you do not mind putting in 1, 2, 3, 12 sides to get fit you want.  Cutting rock almost as hard as diamond like a hot knife cuts butter – what reality is needed to achieve that?

That is another discussion, and includes the Pyramids, and Florida’s Coral Castle – a very, very recent application of a similar and related technology.


Hatum Rumiyoc Street, Cusco, Peru

12 Sided Stone, Hatum Rumiyoc Street, Cusco, Peru

Jeremiah Josey

Thoughts – Matter

Because of how reality works, and because of how our mind works with reality – a synthesizer of reality, of matter – what you put your attention on, what you thoughts comprise of, really, really matters.  It really does.

Remember it’s like this: thoughts first, matter second: thoughts matter.

People see only that which they desire and they project their desire ~ OSHO



Jeremiah Josey