Your Book of Positive Aspects Part II

All relationships are better in the beginning because in the beginning you are not so aware of the flaws of each other. When the relationship is new, you have not developed a negative pattern of expectation. But as the relationship grows older, you tend to hold in your memory those things that you do not like about each other, until often those un-wanted things literally become the vibrational basis of your relationship.

A friend of Jerry and Esther’s recently offered his version of the “Book of Positive Adspects”. he said he likes to play with the “What do I like About This” game. He has wisely noticed that often “what I don’t like about this” is what is dominant, but by deliberately looking for “What I like About This” he can easliy change his point of attraction.

For example, if your mate is grumpy or unhappy about something, rather than giving your full attention to that or following your own pattern of observation, instead step away, and make a mental or written list of your mate’s positive aspects:

  • She is a wonderful mother
  • She really wants to do a good job
  • She works hard to keep our family fed
  • She has a great sense of humour
  • She cares about others
  • She does her best to keep our home in order
  • She loves me
  • She is rarely angry or grumpy
  • She is usually a very happy person

You will quickly discover that the aspect that you choose to give your attention to become the aspects that your co-creator offers back to you.

Abraham – 10/27/1996

For more see

Jeremiah Josey


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