A Note to Arnold Schwarzenegger

I sent this email to Arnold a few days ago.

Hi Arnold,

I don’t know whether to call you Mr Schwarzenegger, Arnold, or Sir, but as I’ve grown up in Australia and formalities, well just aren’t the thing we focus on, so I figure Arnold will do for now.

Today I drove for the first time east along CA-58 and saw an amazing gathering of electrical wind turbines on the western hills of the Mojave Desert.

I’m holidaying in your great state and thoroughly enjoyed the view I saw. I’m presently working in Kuwait managing the building a critical pipeline to keep their production at number 4 in the world, so to see such a plethora of “clean, green energy” product brought a tear to my eye.

I did some quick research to find that these turbines can produce up to 30% of California’s power requirements. Amazing! (I saw a few vacant hills – when will it be 100%?).

I researched some more and was a little dismayed to find limitations on using the electricity created because of infrastructure limitations: the electricity simply cannot be delivered to the users.

See here for more:


This is an old article – from 2001, so I do not know if the power transmission lines have been improved to connect the wind farms of the Mojave area to the rest of the Californian electrical grid, however I still saw a large number of inactive turbines, larger than what I would expect to be out for maintenance reasons.

Either way, I salute you for all your efforts, and all the best for the future. I understand that this is your last term as the Governator!.

Jeremiah Josey

It was great to get his reply a few days ago:

—–Original Message—–
From: governor@governor.ca.gov [mailto:governor@governor.ca.gov]
Sent: Thursday, 5 March 2009 11:00 PM
To: jeremiahjosey@gmail.com
Subject: Re:Energy Issues/Concerns

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

California was built by the ingenuity and hard work of its people, and our great state continues to thrive because of their involvement and commitment.

I greatly appreciate receiving input from my fellow Californians about the issues important to them. Taking the time to communicate your opinions and offer suggestions is essential to good citizenship and good government.

Again, thank you for taking the time to write. I value the comments of people like you who care about the future of California.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jeremiah Josey


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